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Office hours:

Monday-Thursday 9-5


Hello my friend


I'm so stoked you got this far! If you want to book right now or just wanting more information about my packages and pricing, I'm here to help! Can't wait to hear from you!

  • What is super 8 vintage footage?
    8mm (or Standard 8mm film or Regular 8) is a type of film that’s used in film cameras. Shot on a film video camera made in the 60's, the 8mm film format is used to create home videos. A roll of film is used and processed in a lab and gives your video a little something extra.
  • Do you offer RAW footage?
    YES! This is an extra add on, I provide it through a cloud-based service. Contact me for pricing + availibilty!
  • How many weddings have you filmed?
    Overall, I have filmed 211 weddings!!
  • Do you work well with a photographer?
    I get along with EVERYONE. I'm a pretty dang likeable person. Photographers tend to love working with me as I love working with them! I'm super respectful of photographers, a great communicater, incredbile hype woman, and my mom tells me I have a really great smile.

just the facts...

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